Helpful Links for Artists

This page has links to ideas, tutorials, and other information I find very important.

Artists (illustrators gone rogue):

* Frank FrazettaWithout question, this man was the Grand Master of fantasy art. His paintings have inspired countless artists across the globe. I have no doubt that history will honor him just as we remember and honor the great masters from the 15th century.

* Jonathan Wayshack: This guy may be the best pen and ink artist on the planet at this time. Be fore-warned that his subject matter could be more than you can handle. If you can look past your cultural barriers, then you'll have access to images that display extreme skills with ink and composition.

* Mike Butkus: is one of the most dynamic artist around. What I like best about his work is the pencil renderings.
Seems he has mastered every medium you can think of, but his pencil work still stands out as my favorite. He is also one of the most hard working and successful artists.
You may find yourself gazing at his work for days on end.

* Sam Keith: Let's don't forget this guy! You have to go thru a lot of rough sketches and great paintings and on and on...but then you begin to see his style as a whole. You will also start to understand the stories and where he's coming from somewhat too.

The only thing I can say,  he's an awesome artist and creator.

Sane Artist (I think anyway):

* Stephanie Pui-Mun Law: This gal has mastered the use of Watercolor. You'll see some amazing work on her site.

* Socar Myles: Her pen and ink work is beyond great. You will find a master of the ink on her site.


* Compare Watercolor Papers: Roni over at 'Ink Stains' gives a nice little comparison of some papers for wet media, and talks about her results.

* A very helpful review of portable art pads. If you are in to moleskines, or just want to know your best option for pocket art pads, then check this site out.

* Prismacolor Colored Pencils: Here is a nice web site that explains all you may want to know about colored pencils from Prismacolor.

How To:

* Every artist should read this: Canvas and Boards prep. This site has great info on how to prep your panels or canvas, before painting with oils or acrylic.

* Take Photos of Art: This guy David Palumbo shares how he sets up a simple do yourself method for taking photos for reproductions of your own art, with some lights and a camera.

Educational Web Sites:

Colouring Your Life: is an Austrian web site that is a must visit for those who want to know how to paint in Watercolor, Acrylics and Oils. The site is a well designed portal that is growing very fast. You can become part of the community of artists, and contribute your own skill set as well.


* Pigments Thru The Ages: is a very interesting tool for understanding where our Artist colors came from, and how long they have been around. This site has several features that you may find helpful in your quest to know art.

* This Blog is ran by an artist that paints with Gouache. If you are interested in that medium, then take a look at his very interesting posts on the subject.