Friday, November 17, 2017

Basil, the rabbit

Basil plants carrots every year like his neighbor rabbits it his part of the country. But unlike other rabbits, he also grows pumpkins. This year was great for this patch. He has the biggest and best pumpkin around.
There's always some varmint that wants to bore a hole in it though, so he has to stand watch every night to protect it. The fall festival is coming soon, and he'll be ready to win a blue ribbon.
Angry all the time
Living in the field with no limbs, you are at the mercy of any critter walking by. Jackson has had it with all the clowning around.
On Halloween night, Claymore found out just how many enemies he had accumulated over the summer.

* I put this up well after Halloween. It was in queue to be posted, but I forgot about it. Better late than never thing.