Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The PC Geek

A post I put up several years ago. I thought it may be worth a re-blog just for old times sake.
Just another tricky day in my life:

The PC Geek
Last week my computer went south. The screen just blinked off and everything went black.
Had lots of work to do, so I tried to fix it myself - really quick, OK.

After opening this little door, I saw this greenish thing that broke when I pulled it. But it’s not my fault, they made this piece of crap to break just like that.

And then I can’t put it back in there, so I said “#$%@”, and went past it to this other thing that looked funny, kinda like, you know a round tube but not really one I don't think.
So I said “hey, this must be it”! So I pulled it lose, and the motor stopped working, and than it caught on fire.

I thew my glass of ice tea on it, and some sparks came out and some smoke too, but the fire went out now. Man, that was close!

Now, nothing works? So I called this guy that works on computers, and my buddy told me he was good and everything you know, and he knows computers really good and all.
And now he’s gonna come over to take a look real soon, cause I need it like yesterday.

Than he knocks on my door, and he’s here now. So I show him where it is. He looked at it for a long time and didn’t say anything, he just stood there.

I said “are you gonna fix it fast, cause I need it”.  He just said WTF!
Huh? I said “Is my Game-Boy in the way or something”?

So he said “OMG”, and started working on it and putting a whole bunch of stuff in it that looked expensive. That guy talks to him self too. He was cursing under his breath like he was mad or something.

When he finished, he said “don’t ever do that again”. So I guess he means don’t open the little door and look in there. So anyway, it’s working and I’m doing some stuff on it, and I drew this picture of that guy after he left so you can see what he looks like and everything.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Tortured soul 3

Tortured soul #3

Mixed media on canvas panel.

The latest in the Tortured soul series. I like this project because it departs from what I normally do. It has its own spirit so to speak. 

Many artists like to venture away from the main track and play with new ideas. You don't know what will happen when trying unfamiliar art techniques, and this must be the attraction we seek.

This guy has a story like the other two in this series. His life could be a mix of any, or even all the musicians that work their heart and soul out, trying to snatch the brass ring if it ever comes around. Many never feel the euphoria of that success. Our fellow here is one of those:

"One must endeavor till wits end. No doubtful shadow must fall on the path before you. Greatness comes to no-one but the fearless giant within".

My fruitless path has brought me to this moment. I am faced with the knowledge that my heart and soul fell prey to the careless words of fools. These loathsome words carved a rocky road to my endless gloom and despair, and forever wounded this spirit. 

Why did I listen to hypocrites, and whom of the lot rose to greatness, lighting the path before me? None I say.

Should I, could I have been anything else in this life? I think not.

Alas, I haven't a choice do I? My music warms the fabric of my soul, and gives me hope that others will hear and cherish that which I feel. This is my cause, and will be to my end. I'll find a way to stay in this place and persevere through the dim lights and dark corners in this city of cold indifference. I am music now and always.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Rough old tree

Rough old tree

My camera made it a little fish-eyed. 

This is my latest 5x7" ink drawing. I'm hoping to get a lot of these done before Summer is over.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Man has conquered the moon

Man has conquered the moon

Mixed media, canvas panel 11"x14".

I had to stick my 2 cents into this you know. 

Science and technology has brought us very close to the reality that man will be mining the moon and other orbs in our solar system in the near future.

Why care one way or the other? Most people these days are familiar with LEO, or the Low Earth Orbit. We know there's a lot of crap up there just above,  waiting to fall on our head, and every launch adds a little more to it.

So, just think... What will happen when we setup a moon camp and start mining the resources? I can see it all now. The people stationed there will start off by being very conscious of the garbage they make, and happily tell the world how Eco-centric they are behaving on the new frontier. 

This of course will change, and they will need some place to put pilled up crap. "Ah, Earth can only see one side of the moon" they say.

After a while all the craters on the dark side will be full of crap. Then they will start filling up the ones on the light side.  Who knows what will happen next, it just spins out of control from there for sure.

After days of sleepless ponder, I have the solution. Let's create a space tax on garbage. One dollar per pound sounds about right. If you leave crap up there, then you have to pay the tax.
That is, Earth pounds, not space pounds, we have to make that clear up front to all the perps you see. 

Anyway, this is a deep subject that I could go on about, but I'm sure by now you are as angry as I am.