Sunday, January 11, 2015

Cat eye

Cat eye, ink watercolor
A sketch using ink and watercolor.

I like dry-brush techniques while using watercolors for detail. The wet methods are better for suggestive work. You can also use both in the same painting.

If you are using ink for your drawing, any watercolor technique works over the sketch, provided it's one of the waterproof inks, like 'India'. It should also be allowed to completely dry before paint is applied. If you use pencil, many wet and dry methods work well over light sketch marks.

However; if you use dense pencil with shading, your work can become muddy from the loose graphite flowing thru your colors.

To reduce this, I use a kneaded eraser to press down on the pencil strokes. This removes the loose graphite particles. Then use dry brush watercolor techniques. I try not to rub these areas too much with the brush. If the lines are over-worked, the graphite will lift and cause the muddy effect we want to avoid.

Doing the above still may not get you perfect results while painting over heavy or course pencil, but it can be made to look pretty good depending on your style and subject matter.

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