Sunday, August 20, 2017

More dark stuff

Bowhizo thought it would be a good idea to hide in a cactus. That may be the last time he tries that one. 
If you have wolves chasing you, then anything seems preferable over becoming dinner.

I have been working a lot with ink lately. Had to put acrylics on hold for a while. But at least I have plenty of drawing paper to keep me going. I've written somewhere before, that Strathmore makes a Bristol board that used to be nice to work with. But now it doesn't take ink like it should.
Your lines will not hold tight unless you are using viscous inks. I don't for several reasons. One being that my nibs flow the ink better if it's thinned just a little. On several other brands, I'm not having a problem... just on the Strathmore.

Problem is, I have a lot of this Strathmore laying around.


This is a Psycho Bunny. It has been said that one in every 20 rabbits turn psycho at some point. Maybe you are one of those people that think your sweet little bunny could never go nuts, and try to chop you up. 

A lot of people think that... used to think that! They flip like a switch in the middle of the night, and roam the house while everyone's asleep. Most people don't lock the bedroom door. Maybe you should consider the probabilities... just saying.  

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