Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The PC Geek

A post I put up several years ago. I thought it may be worth a re-blog just for old times sake.
Just another tricky day in my life:

The PC Geek
Last week my computer went south. The screen just blinked off and everything went black.
Had lots of work to do, so I tried to fix it myself - really quick, OK.

After opening this little door, I saw this greenish thing that broke when I pulled it. But it’s not my fault, they made this piece of crap to break just like that.

And then I can’t put it back in there, so I said “#$%@”, and went past it to this other thing that looked funny, kinda like, you know a round tube but not really one I don't think.
So I said “hey, this must be it”! So I pulled it lose, and the motor stopped working, and than it caught on fire.

I thew my glass of ice tea on it, and some sparks came out and some smoke too, but the fire went out now. Man, that was close!

Now, nothing works? So I called this guy that works on computers, and my buddy told me he was good and everything you know, and he knows computers really good and all.
And now he’s gonna come over to take a look real soon, cause I need it like yesterday.

Than he knocks on my door, and he’s here now. So I show him where it is. He looked at it for a long time and didn’t say anything, he just stood there.

I said “are you gonna fix it fast, cause I need it”.  He just said WTF!
Huh? I said “Is my Game-Boy in the way or something”?

So he said “OMG”, and started working on it and putting a whole bunch of stuff in it that looked expensive. That guy talks to him self too. He was cursing under his breath like he was mad or something.

When he finished, he said “don’t ever do that again”. So I guess he means don’t open the little door and look in there. So anyway, it’s working and I’m doing some stuff on it, and I drew this picture of that guy after he left so you can see what he looks like and everything.

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