Thursday, July 7, 2016

Man has conquered the moon

Man has conquered the moon

Mixed media, canvas panel 11"x14".

I had to stick my 2 cents into this you know. 

Science and technology has brought us very close to the reality that man will be mining the moon and other orbs in our solar system in the near future.

Why care one way or the other? Most people these days are familiar with LEO, or the Low Earth Orbit. We know there's a lot of crap up there just above,  waiting to fall on our head, and every launch adds a little more to it.

So, just think... What will happen when we setup a moon camp and start mining the resources? I can see it all now. The people stationed there will start off by being very conscious of the garbage they make, and happily tell the world how Eco-centric they are behaving on the new frontier. 

This of course will change, and they will need some place to put pilled up crap. "Ah, Earth can only see one side of the moon" they say.

After a while all the craters on the dark side will be full of crap. Then they will start filling up the ones on the light side.  Who knows what will happen next, it just spins out of control from there for sure.

After days of sleepless ponder, I have the solution. Let's create a space tax on garbage. One dollar per pound sounds about right. If you leave crap up there, then you have to pay the tax.
That is, Earth pounds, not space pounds, we have to make that clear up front to all the perps you see. 

Anyway, this is a deep subject that I could go on about, but I'm sure by now you are as angry as I am.

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