Monday, December 29, 2014

Boy and a Tree

Boy and Tree
Sometimes I'll do a study or concept piece like this for project ideas, or just to loosen up a little.

They don't get completed most of the time. Once an idea jells in my mind, that may be all I need to start the finished piece of work. I don't throw them away because some of them do get completed later.The rest end up in a box.

These studies can help you discover new ways of doing mundane routines you've adapted over time. They can also give your work back some of the energy that was lost along the way, even if you don't use the art for future works, they still have personal value to your development as an artist.

If we tighten up our process too much, it squeezes the art right out of the end results. Doing studies will allow a person to relax the rule-based mindset, and just let it happen. We can make mistakes and not be concerned. 

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